Thursday, September 15, 2011


So after Em decided to create a blog I decided it was about time I do another blog post. Haha thanks Em for the motivation. So what can I say... Well since my last blog post I had the opportunity to live in Florida... definitely the best experience ever! I was posted at Blizzard Beach Water Park but I did work at Typhoon Lagoon Water Park and a few other resorts around Walt Disney World. Not to mention a few of the other parks when we were closed from the weather being too cold. I know right Florida too cold! But it's true it does happen. I also had the opportunity to participate in a few different things while I was working. Firstly Junior Lifeguard... that was pretty sweet we had like a mini in-service (lifeguard training) in the morning before the park opened and then we had one of our junior lifeguards on stand with us. Then I had the opportunity to participate in a lifeguard competition held throughout all of Disney including the cruise ships... not that they came. It was a great learning experience. Try outs, lots of training and of course pressure but so worth it. End result = Lost in Translation (my team) from Blizzard Beach ISOC champions for 2010. That's right! Never in a million years did I think I could do that or would have attempted it without having my coordinators believe in me. I also met a great guy who I started dating. I have learnt a lot from him and even though we are no longer together I am very grateful for the experiences we shared and for all he taught me. Well that is the briefest of brief summaries for 2010. I might update some more later when I have more motivation.

So this year 2011... I came back home to lil old Tassie! I was so pleased to be home after my crappy flight experience courtesy of QANTAS. When I finally arrived home it was so great to see my family and how much my lil niece had grown. She is gorgeous! I was lucky to pick up a contract for the first month back at school at a local high school. I got braces so my teeth can become straighter :) Since then most of my year was spent relief teaching, dealing with a break- up, Hanging out with Em while she was back in Tas and then I picked up another contract until the end of the year. I am currently getting ready for my trip back to Florida for a wedding and to catch up with the great friends I have made in Florida/ Utah and around America.
My Blizzard Beach Family 

 My team for ISOC Lost in Translation

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Can I Say?

Hmmm Well I thought I should give a quick update... since I am sooo slack at this! Well What can I say? It has truely been an AMAZING WEEK! I have been doing relief teaching at Kings Meadows High and I love it! HPE is the best ever and the things my grade 8's say just crack me up sometimes! They can be the best! Then we had Kenneth Cope... or as the old Tassies say Kevin Copeland! Bahaha wayyy funny! He was sooo great! Very friendly and just what I needed at this time! I am so greatful to him for giving up his time to come and see us all down in lil old Tassie. Thank you Kenneth! XXX

Monday, September 7, 2009


So I can't believe its basically a year since I last updated my blog! SORRY EVERYONE! I know I said I was going to be better than Clare at updating but life has just been sooo busy! I graduated Uni in December of last year which was the same month Brad got married. Then Convention in January as well as my beautiful little niece arriving on the 3rd. Then onto being released from Stake YSA and travelling to Perth convention then spending time with Brad and Steph in March. Interview with Disney to work at Disney world Florida... then being accepted now working flat out to save for then. Relief teaching and Mixed basketball and Baptist basketball finals... both runners up. Unfortunately no wins to take with me to the states but still... now just waiting on my visa package to come in the mail from Disney so I can get my visa then book my flights and off I go. YAY

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ThE eNd Of A sEaSoN

Well it is the end of the baptist basketball season and Brad and I came out quite well. We both won Best and Fairest for our teams and for the league, which is quite an achievement! I never expected to get it win it for the league. Last year I was 6th so I was in the top ten so I thought maybe I would be lucky and get in the top ten again this year but I won! I was very very surprised! Dale and Chad sent me a message to inform me and I didn't believe them I thought they were joking! So here are my two trophies!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back at school!

Well just a quick one! i have finished my internship and am back at uni! Sucks sooo bad! Especially since I had a class Monday morning! My worst one out of my whole 4 years at uni... SVR! 2 hours of it! Now I'm filling in time before my last tute from 3-5! Hopefully we finish early and I can take my LAT for in (Limited Authority to Teach) and so I can get relief work as soon as it has been processed... which apparantly is about 4 weeks at the moment! So not fun! Well thats it from me for now but i will add that video clip later and some of the weekends happenings asap... just not today! Sorry!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

YSA Car Rally... sorry finally uploading the pics!

Our First stop was to find us something Aisian ... Well.... who knows what Gemma is doing? Maybe an aisian monkey! lol

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The updates so far...

Ok so I decided to update my blog for this coming week! Yay… I’m doing well at this so far! Not too many gaps between posts so that’s a decent effort I say! Well this is what has been happening…
We had conference last weekend which I will upload pics of so everyone can see our car trip… lol mostly just Brad and Steph and I tried to get a pic of the snow on the mountains but I don’t think it worked! Anyways!
Since conference I have been back on my internship at Ringarooma! Just one week to go! I cant believe the time has just flown by so fast! I will be so excited once I finish as well since that will meant no more getting up at 6am for awhile and no more weeks without pay! I will be able to go back to working and I will be able to do some relief work and get some decent money! I cant wait for that! Especially since I need some to get to convention and pay for that! This year has been a very expensive year! I cant believe it! I feel like I am getting nowhere! Plus I have so many books to buy to help me when I’m out teaching… I guess that’s what I get for waiting until my last year at uni… But this way they are tax deductible, so it must have been a smart option! Then I have other expenses like Brad and Steph’s wedding and Clare’s baby will need things! The list goes on and on!
Oh last Sat we had our Stake service project which was actually lots of fun! We were helping to make communication books for students who with a disability! It was great to be able to help out! I was a little disappointed that were weren’t able to make more for them. They have quite a few that needed doing and we only made about 20 or so which was a pretty decent effort considering the number of pages in each book but it still would have been nice to do some more!
This week I am staying back with Collette and Marilyn which will make it a more fun filled week! Its so much nicer staying with them then at the nurses accommodation, which I have been doing . It gets lonely at the nurses accommodation and people come and go all the time. I did make a couple of friends but its so much better being with people you know well!
Well I think that about wraps it up for me! I will upload some of the clips I said I would upload.